Monday, October 17, 2005

i went to petsmart the other day to buy some more things for the fishes ... such as ph and ammonia testing kits. my ph was normal for goldfish, but the ammonia! (oh! i'm sooo sorry fishes!) it was bad. i contemplated changing the water last night, but decided to wait until this morning, while dreading i'd have some floaters by morning. i did a 25% water change, but haven't re-tested the ammonia --- it has to be better though. see how happy they look!

fishes clean

and, it was a bit nippy in my apt. this morning. i closed the windows last night, but since this house is 80 yrs. old, and likely poorly insulated, it was about 65* in here when i woke up. i checked my outside thermometer ....


i'm sure it was colder earlier, as i didn't emerge from my cocoon until almost 9am.

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pinky said...

It is stupid cold in my apt right now, even though it's supposed to be 83 tomorrow. It's just that my apt retains cold pretty well, which is great in summer but a bummer otherwise. I would turn on the heater, but... I'd rather dig out the knits and put them on. I've already gotten out the cashmere hat!