Wednesday, October 12, 2005

i have pets!

oh, they're soooo happy now! there's something strange about an empty aquarium. i kept glancing at it, expecting to see the fishes, but ...

fishes before

i had to wait for the new set up to run for about 24 hrs. then, i could relocate my new babies :)

fishes after

these are fair fish, meaning, they will outlive your petstore fish. they've survived traveling like a circus, being in baggies, having ping-pong balls tossed at them .... and now they'll live happily in my three gallon tank.

... you try to take a picture of swimming fishes! they don't hold still.

they are soooo much happier now. i am soooo much happier now. during their transition time, they spent some time in two different shallow bowls, one being a mixing bowl. all they did was sit still. it was spooky. but, now that they're in the tank, they're exploring and swimming alllllll over. too bad i can't kiss them.

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