Saturday, April 22, 2006

the animal fair

i went to the animal fair, the birds and the beasts were there ....


this past tuesday, i went to the riverbanks zoo in columbia, sc. i was with my mom, niece, and nephews. we never made it to the side that has the gardens, but i hope i get over there next time. i wasn't feeling well, and the slow ambling wore me out. but, i did muster up enough energy to knit my sock.

can anyone explain this?


these butterflies feasted on some fresh doggie poo. before i walked over to take the picture, the poo was completely hidden by the butterfly mass. as i squatted to take the picture, one of the dogs ran up behind me and scared all of the butterflies away. this picture was taken just as the dog ran up behind me.

when i got back into town on thursday, i found my little fantail dead in the bottom of the tank .


Chris said...

So now you're taking pictures of poo. Nice. ;) Speaking of nice things. I have wine toys for you and K. from the wine expo this weekend. You can use them while knitting too! :)

Patti said...

Ok, you started it. I remember a scene in a John Nichols book, years ago, about the Vietnam war, and he comes across a huge mass of butterflies on something which turns out to be a body. They're pretty, but a little twisted, I guess.