Monday, April 17, 2006

making & growing

seeds & pearls blue sparkle

i made some earrings yesterday, with some supplies from ornamentea and michael's. i had a 30% off your entire purchase coupon for michael's on saturday. see the earrings on the left? see the gray fuzzy thing? it's a seed from some plant from hawaii. the bead above is a freshwater pearl. i couldn't find a really good place to take these pictures, so i just dangled them from the little basil pot.

chia basil

the basil is just one of four of the little chia herb plants i planted just days ago! like a goober, i actually packed up all my herbs and brought them home with me. i didn't want to bother my neighbor with a request to water, and they are small enough that they only used two smallish boxes.


Chris said...

Maybe you should be "Agent Green" ;)

Roush said...

This seed is from the African / Hawaiian Mgambo tree. Quite lovely texture.