Sunday, April 09, 2006

earrings earrings

i took a class on saturday ... beading boot camp 101. it was an all day affair of a series of three separate classes. i attended this camp because i do like working with beads, and making jewelry w/o the need of a torch, but really didn't have a foundation of the techniques and methods. the class experience was a good value, as i saved money taking the classes together vs. separately, all the materials were included, and they threw in a t-shirt and a nifty book.

four strand bracelet


i did not have much of a choice for the colors of beads i worked with, as they were already kitted up in ziplock baggies ... and i was seated at the far end of the table, far from reach of the selection, and the greedy classmates. so, yes mom! take your pick (except for the earrings in the top right ... i actually do like those).

chicken egg slicer

that cute chicken is a new addition to the kitchen. it's an egg slicer, if you can believe it! i had a 20% off coupon for bed bath & beyond. it seems silly to apply a coupon to a $3 item, but i didn't need anything else. i also got a shower curtain ... reg. price $39.99, marked down to $9.99 and then an additional 10% off because it was the display. gotta love bed bath & beyond!

n.c. quarter

and yesterday, i finally punched all the statehood quarters i have into my big map. has anyone seen nebraska? has it been released yet?!

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