Sunday, June 18, 2006

caution, TOMATO heavy posting .....

though the first day of summer isn't until the 21st, it already feels hot enough here to me. and though i live very close to the local farmer's market, for some reason, i've never really shopped there until this weekend. well, let me just say, i have a new love ... vegetables, which i already loved, but local and fresh and inexpensive! and for a girl that can only grow tiny cherry tomatoes in a pot on the back porch, the farmer's market is like an endless garden .... !

cherry tomatoes

i'm just waiting for those babies to turn red .... yesterday, when i visited the farmer's market, i got some tomatoes to make a caprese ....

a summer salad

the basil was compliments of my back porch.

so, today i was still craving the idea of ripe tomatoes, that i didn't have to grow, so off to the farmer's market i went again .... this time, with thoughts of gazpacho in my head.

big tomato or little cookbook?

now, what's wrong with this photo? let me just tell you. i had put the joy of cooking on my christmas wish list. well, santa ran out of shopping time and found this miniature version instead. unfortunately, when your tomato is bigger than your reference material, .... (sigh)(sigh again ....) ... mom!?!

but, inspite of my cooking and assembling hurdles i still managed

gazpacho collage2

... to wreck the kitchen ....

absolute cooking mess!

peeled tomatoes

now, for the flowers ... the first batch are 7 stems of gladiolus for $5 from the farmer's market. they are absolutely beautiful!


and then a random shot of misc. flowers from today out at the market ...

flowers at the farmer's market

whew! i'm tired now!

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pinky said...

Oh! I had thought that your tomato was so large that it was dwarfing your Joy of Cooking...

Oh well. At least you have one.