Saturday, June 17, 2006

chicken collage

i often post my adventures in the kitchen. it seems that chicken & i are not the best of friends. the last time i cooked a chicken, because it sure seemed a good idea at the time, it turned into a huge late night icky mess. i cooked it in my crockpot, which was a bit small for the chicken i crammed into it. it slowcooked all day, and i finally took it out at night. late night. when i reached into the crockpot with my tongs to lift the chicken out, the tongs sank into the body, and the whole thing fell apart and off the bones. it was nasty to say the least.

it was a parts is parts fest. i've never been one who likes to eat meat off of bones, much less pick through all the tendons and fat and bones. but, in the end, i had a nice container full of chicken.

this time, i thought i would go a different route and roast it instead, thinking i would somehow avoid the whole mess. the only thing i avoided was the crockpot full of liquid. i still had to dig through all the parts. ick. and to make matters worse, i didn't really know what i was doing. i didn't know how long to cook it, or at what temperature, or anything.

maybe i should stick with what i'm good at ... cheese toast and eggs, with salsa and a big glass of milk.

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