Tuesday, June 20, 2006

soup's on !


who doesn't love vichyssoise? who doesn't love saying that word?! with summer just around the corner, literally hours away, i'm in the mood for cool and simple .... i did not follow the recipe from the link, but from my old copy of the _moosewood cookbook_ by mollie katzen. my copy is an old edition, and i could not find it on their website (my copy was purchased on ebay for $7 including shipping). but, they have lots of great cookbooks!

i intended to make some other food things today, but time just got away from me. i did soak my bulgur to make tabouli tomorrow. also, i have lots of tomatoes for another batch of gazpacho. my last batch was okay. i'm going to try something different with this next batch. i also have some chicken breasts i want to cook so i can have the meat for sandwiches, etc ....

my fish still doesn't look good, but he was a bit more active this evening. he's only on day 2 of his "treatment".

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