Sunday, August 13, 2006

have you ever seen ?!

... such a pretty carolina blue sky ?!

bridge & sky

riding across the 440 bridge

view from bridge of 440

let the wind blow ....

camp crystal lake

i went for my second ride today, and went maybe twice as far as i did last time. what was different about this time? well ... i had a girl-friendly skort on (with padding) and i took multiple breaks to take pictures!

i am not totally geared out (yet). i wore one of my short sleeved hiking shirts, and got a serious sunburn on my lower back where my shirt rode up! also, my arms are burned. ouch!

i also made some decisions about my bike rack/pannier options ... i got a rack today that will hopefully accommodate my ortlieb panniers i'm getting gently used for $50 from a friend of a friend bike riding buddy! (they look new! and they're blue!)(though i want everything in green!) i like green. i guess it is my favorite color ....

so, i had a great time, i got sunburned. i rode more miles than i thought i could, and it was all in the name of fun & exercise!


mr. crumbles has a great smile !

when he smiles, it just makes me ... sigh ............

so happy together ....

look! i'm 1/2 through my ride and i'm still smiling!

1 comment:

jackie said...

man, that looks like a rather spectacular day! i was hip deep in bridal shower guests, and i can guarantee you were having more fun than me. :)

and yes--he DOES have a great smile...