Thursday, August 17, 2006

what's cookin' ?

as it's been a very hot summer, i have not cooked as much. instead, i've done more assembling. though lots of people seriously lay off carbs, i've found them to be the basis of some of the salads i've been making lately ... whether tabouli or ...


...this yummy Southwest Couscous Salad with Chipotle Lime Vinaigrette from 28 cooks. mine may not be as pretty as hers, but i'm sure it's just as delicious.

cooking time (again)

i was hesitant to use couscous because i thought i could only get it with semolina, but found other varieties at the grocery store. this box is whole wheat with milled flax seed and soy. bizarre, huh?

the nice thing about these salads is that they are made with minimal cooking ... cooking usually only means adding some grain to boiling hot water, and then turning off the heat and waiting for the grain to absorb the water. easy peasy!

this particular salad recipe was extra easy because the only things i had to chop were part of a red onion and two romas ... everything else went into the food processor.

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