Wednesday, August 09, 2006

home improvement

whooo hooo, new mailbox!

i have asked my landlord, for almost a year now, for a new mailbox ... because, if i happen to get mail delivery in two consecutive days, i might excede my mailbox capacity! and so, i get these awful notices ... "mailbox full, please pick up at ____". so, after almost a year, i spent the $10 and 10 minutes and installed a mailbox that is happy to receive a large format magazine and all the regular junk mail! what my landlord says if he ever even notices ... i'll let you know.

lovely bicycle

my other news is i've been riding my bicycle. my ass hurts! but it's good. i want to eventually get into the habit of using my bike to ride to work and back. and i found this nifty-neat-o trunk bag that slides onto the bike rack (which, is relatively an inexpensive $26) and "clicks" into place ... quick to remove with expandable capacity ....!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

but the the trunk bag is $84! and someone found you cool blue waterproof $150 Ortliebs for only a $50 knitting trade.... wasn't that nice of your friend?