Tuesday, September 26, 2006

the first time i made this, it got gobbled up before i bothered to post. this is serious yum! this is 28 cook's tofu stuffed shells. i really love the idea of using tofu in lieu of ricotta and mozzarella, as it provides great protein w/o all the fat. i did this too, with another recipe for a vegetarian lasagna back in the winter. that too was delicious, and i've made it on several occasions.

i am also a big fan of making a big batch of something to eat from all week. i'm not usually the sort to fizzle upon repeat meals. i'm just happy to not have to think up something to make or cook for each meal. with the stuffed shells, i can reheat the shells in the microwave, and steam some broccoli to serve on the side. and this dish will last me through the rest of the week. easily !

now, i can't wait until the weather gets even cooler and i will be making soups!

and, my skin is burning between my lip and nose. it seems i rubbed that spot while i was making another batch of cilantro jalapeno hummus. whoops !

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