Monday, September 24, 2007

'tis the FOOD season .....

when the weather begins to turn, and there's hope of not dying in the kitchen trying to create a yummy dish ... then it IS the season to heat things up once again.

sunday was spent in the typical way ... over with jackie & the hippie. i knitted. jackie read cookbooks. we both drooled ....

so many yummy dishes to look forward to ... soups, roasted chicken, seasonal vegetables, big hearty dishes.

and in this midst of food fantasy, jackie decided that we needed chicken pot pie for dinner! OMG ! DELICIOUS !!!

i paid extra close attention ... and i plan on making this myself sometime in the very near future. it took me back to sweet memories of chicken dumplings.

see how good it is ....

that's the hippie saying, " i'm not sharing !".

i did bring something home with me ... even if it wasn't leftovers .... i brought home "potential" !

i tried this recipe tonight for a cuban black bean soup. i mostly followed the recipe, but thought that 3 giant onions might be too much for the soup ... thus, it was altered. it's still very yummy, and kinda burns from the one jalapeno (seeds and all) (a very potent jalapeno).

... and now, i'm waiting for some rice to finish up so i can ladle the soup over it .... delicious ! and i have lots of leftovers !!!

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jackie said...

catching up on this blog is making me HUNGRY!!!