Sunday, March 07, 2010


i actually followed a recipe today. i do that sometimes. usually with baking, as no one should ever guess how much flour, yeast, or baking powder one should use in a recipe.

i made a slimmed down version of chicken pot pie. the recipe is in the ww weekly january 10-16 mini-magazine. they call it "old-fashioned chicken pot pie". i call it yummy!

old-fashioned chicken pot pie

this is suppose to be 6 servings (in a 9.5" pie dish). i'm not quite sure how one serves something that's not "firm" though ....

in my grocery shopping today, i also bought some brussel sprouts and garlic. i think i might be roasting these tomorrow night.

today i also cooked a big batch of chicken (i used half for the pot pie). and i picked up some beautiful asparagus at the whole foods.

i wish this weekend had just one more day.

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