Wednesday, April 07, 2010


spring means allergies. spring means, the yellow haze. and it also means change. more changes than i can document, not care to.

first of all, my truck is covered in pollen. one of my neighbors was "concerned" about this phenonema, and i assured her it was "like the flu" ... comes on strong, but will depart quickly. though, now i'm not so sure, because we have these two giagantic pecan trees that will spit out the pollen, and then their stupid curly things.

regardless ...

tonight is the PERFECT night. it's not too hot. it's warm, but with a cool breeze. the doors and windows are open. the air is moving. sometimes, here, the air is stagnant. not tonight.

and i'm enjoying it.

twinkle twinkle

and ...

new stuff!

and i got new phone, and service, this past weekend. and there's a learning curve. it's awful, but necessary.

i am learning ... delaying calls, cutting some off, and dropping altogether. such is modern life.

but, it's all good.

especially the weather. yes, the weather! i am loving it. i love these inbetween seasons where the weather is a bit here & there ... and i need neither heat nor a.c.

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