Thursday, April 22, 2010


vacation doesn't always mean going somewhere far away or exotic. sometimes it means, "i'm not working today, but i'm still getting paid!"

that's the kind of vacation i had recently. but still, the vacation mentality is still there. i can do X because i'm on vacation !

so, what did i do on vacation?

i had my FIRST ever WHOPPER. yes. i'd never had a whopper before. and now i have. and now i never will ever again. it was nothing special. now, maybe, next time, i will have one of their thick burgers.

whopper ?

and, i went shopping (speed shopping) down at the "yellow stores" in gaffney, sc. my favorite store there is the eddie bauer outlet. LOVE IT.

i found this really great bag, which i immediately moved into.

space bag

it's kinda like a small messenger bag. i love bags i can swing across my chest so i can be hands-free. the bag was reduced 70% so i got it for $6. i also got a pair of "aubergine" corduroy jeans. they're very much out of season, but this weekend was "out of season" too. it was cold. i hadn't packed any proper pants for my visit, and $12 purple pants were the perfect solution.

and cookies. i like baking, but can't really eat an entire cake by myself, nor a batch of cookies, and the kids do like homemade cookies. this time, i enlisted one to help. and he was a fantastic helper.

bustin justin from samoa

lastly, mom and i always laugh about her mother's house, and all the "interesting" things in it. this is mom's view from the kitchen sink.

the good stuff

i had a great visit. slept like a babe, and accomplished next to nothing. all in all, a very good "vacation".

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