Wednesday, April 21, 2010

have you had your FREAK OUT today ?!

i did. i thought i put this around my neck today. i meant to. but, instead, i put an old necklace into a box, and then laid the new one on it in the suitcase too. neck bare. brain forgotten.

drooping flower

and then the freak out commences ... where is it?! did i drop it?! follows all foot steps within the last 200+ miles. no necklace. calls mom. freaked out. "MOM!~ I LOST MY NEW NECKLACE !!!".

and while talking to her, i retraced my "home miles" and found it, outside the box, inside the suitcase. necklace on neck right now.

pretty necklace i'm not worth of ... by fossil (love fossil !!!).

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