Sunday, June 02, 2013

odd day 2

we had a big race here in town today. a 1/2 "ironman" ... for me, it meant a bit of planning. i'm so glad i caught the story on the news as drove home friday night.

this morning, i woke up with the sun, played on my iPad, and then thought ... "hmmm ... i wonder which streets are closed and when?!"

i soon realized that if i wanted to do my grocery shopping before tonight, that i had to get going asap. the roads closed at 9am.

i got up, cleaned up, and headed out & back. on my way home, the city was already blocking off streets and setting up port-a-johns.

later, after putting things away, i spent some time outside on the porch.

i noticed a man that had come around. he waited here. he crossed over. he came back across.

then, i realized ... i hadn't seen a bus today.

BeFunky Filmstrip 5 on iPhone

(he was sitting in that bare patch near the smaller tree) ... i went downstairs and asked him if he was waiting for the #11.

he was.

i had looked up the bus info on my ipad and told him, " i don't think it'll come this way today ....."

the buses had been re-routed due to the race. the detour would take him a block south, and across a very busy street.

he picked up his stuff and started walking.

i hope he got to where he was headed today.

i was fortunate enough to discover the event on the radio friday evening. i don't think he had access to radio/internet/tv.

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