Saturday, June 29, 2013

plan B , next event ....

the weekend plans of the symposium didn't pan out. which is okay, as there are always other things to do.

my friend schmutzie is coming over here on the 4th. she's german. so, i hope to (not) overwhelm her with an all-american 4th of july day.

first of all, we are almost complete opposites, but we've been friends for years. our most obvious connection is our love of knitting, ... and underneath all that ... there's the human factor.

SO, i want her to have fun here --- and i've "decorated" bit.

of course, the red white & blue lights are hanging outside on the porch ...

oakridge 042

i got these last year ... a bit late in the season. they're really pretty --- they're ... what do they call it? ... LED.

and today, when i was out at the local joann's ... i saw they had holiday appropriate fabric on sale at 50% off, so i got this fabric of stars.

BeFunky Instant 1 on iPhone

it's rather stiff --- i think it's loaded with sizing. i didn't prewash it. i just turned a hem on each cut end and dropped it on the table!

BeFunky Instant 1 on iPhone

this is my "instant gratification" solution to changing things up around here --- i just buy a couple yards of 45" wide fabric, finish the cut ends, and decorate the table.

i think the most i've spent on doing a tablecloth this way is about $10 total.

i don't do anything with the selvedge edges --- they're finished already --- i doubt anyone would look, and if they do, then they will know where the fabric came from, the dye dots, and .....

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