Wednesday, February 15, 2006

i could had made all my pictures line up like a pyramid, but, that would take too much effort. so, here's the run down .... starting in the top left corner and working your way down as if reading a paragraph .... acetylene tank. yes, i have an acetylene tank, and i finally moved it from my sewing room to near the workbench. maybe i'll get it fired up sometime soon too! outside plants. today's high was in the 60's, and tomorrow will be in the 70's. i think it's good for my desert plants to suck up some sunshine w/o a piece of glass between them and the source. outside bug. yes. that's where the bugs belong. chicken, that's what's for dinner. breaded and baked, with some kind of salad i've not fixed yet. i would like to do roasted carrots, but, who really wants to wait another 50 minutes? sink. i cleaned the sink. but, it's full of tonight's dinner happenings now. the ammonia. i checked my fishes ammonia levels, and, they're fine. i quickly scrubbed the algea off the walls of their aquarium, it was getting kinda filmy and i like to see them clearly. bicho ... say no more.

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