Monday, February 13, 2006

what's for dinner?

i made a list the other day. i wrote down a few things that i believe in.

shower caps
hot water bottles

it makes me feel rather domestic, but the items listed above are so useful! it also makes me feel a bit oldladyish, but maybe those old ladies know something i don't?
what's the favorite thing on my list? the hot water bottle. man, you fill that baby with super hot water about an hour before bedtime, pop it into the bed between the sheets, down near the feet, and it preheats your bed for you. there's something about having your feet warm that warms your entire body. the bottle stays hot to warm all night long too. hikers do this too with boiling water in their nalgene bottles in the foot of their sleeping bags.

about the photo. it's this recipe from the whole foods website. it was tasty and easy.

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