Tuesday, February 14, 2006

enlighten me, oh wise one!

not much to say, just took some snapshots around home today, so mom doesn't get bored with looking at the same pictures all the time.

bedside reading

i'm still reading that book! it's very slow reading, or i'm just not very into it. sometimes it's interesting, and i turn page after page, sometimes, barely a paragraph. now, i just want to finish it so i can start something new. i may be able to knit on multiple projects, but i can only read one book at a time.

notice all the patterns, books, and magazines under the top read? well, sometimes i don't even read _the blind assassin_, but look at all my knitting stuff instead!

pss. and i don't like how the nameless man treats the nameless woman in the book. that story unto itself is intriguing. why does she keep going to him if she doesn't like how he acts towards her sometimes?! read between the lines ....


painter girl said...

Hey Nese,
That's what you get for wanting to read books that aren't trash. Yay, Trash novels rock!
Hey the amazon thingy said you should've recieved that book Jan 3-5th. Maybe it got lost?

pinky said...

I also had "issues" with that part of the book: maybe it has something to do with the main plot but in the end I decided I could have gone without it. It would have been a "less complete" novel but oh well. Faster reading. I much more enjoyed the "real" story.