Monday, August 20, 2007


i say beasties because i like that word so much. and i think it perfectly describes jackie & the hippie's beasties ... sampson, fergus, and scout.

whenever i think about this picture, i just start to laugh. i mean, they're just house cats ! but, look how they form a hungry pack. it's like they're saying "hand over the herbed turkey or we'll eat you !" they're not petite kitties (well, scout is). i think they could take someone down if they wanted!

though i'm not a cat person (allergies), i can appreciate them fully. jackie loves her kitties so much that she has an entire flickr set dedicated to them.

this is the hippie. his birthday was last week, and i knitted him a little hat to wear when he goes boating. i have another (incomplete) treat for him as well ... as soon as i get around to finishing it. and jackie's birthday is this week! oh my!

so, though it's hard to see in the picture, he is wearing his new hat, in his own gangsta way.

clearly we were having too much fun ! see what i mean ....

poor stuart was flung into the freezer with all the vodka's !!! brrrr ....

he had too much fun too and had to go to bed.

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