Monday, August 27, 2007

the good & bad

this part is the good. months ago, i switched from BCBS to UHC, after lots of research. well, within a month of the switch, uhc announced that it was dropping wake med. which meant, that i could not continue to use my gyn as all their lab work, etc, was via wake med.

months later, united has reunited. YAY !!! it's an incredible relief, as all us girls know what a pain it is to find a gyn that we like, or even *love*.

it's hard to find a good doctor, a good practice, etc ... i'm just happy to not have to find a new one!

the bad ... blockbuster SUCKS ! i have been a member of their online rentals for a year +. i've told my friends how much i like their service, and how convenient it is to take your envelope to the store and get another movie.

BUT. but. again, they've changed the conditions of my plan with them. and this time, i'm not going for it. they want to cut out about 1/2 my rentals and keep the rate the same. NO. no thanks. we've exchanged a couple of emails regarding this issue, but in the end, it's a large corporation that doesn't care. numbers are their bottom line. and the bottom line for me is i won't remain one of their numbers. my billing cycle is about to end, as will my membership. netflix, here i come !


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scarlet said...

Oh hell I could have told you years ago that Netflix roolz and Blockbuster droolz. Seriously!!