Saturday, August 18, 2007

tidbits from home ....

i went knitting at rrrrrrrita's the other night, and noticed as i walked up the walkway, something fragrant. i didn't know from what, until i was leaving , and i spotted the little white flowers by moon and street light, and she said they were creeping gardenias. she snapped one off for me to take home.

that was thursday night. and the flower is still white. and it still smells delicious!

last week i stopped into the local sam's club. i usually just go in and get what's on my list, but i decided to browse a bit. when i saw this tent, i thought, "how cute!" and in the next breath, realized that the boxes were for a full sized tent and the the model was just a model. oops.

i think it would be much better in wee size.

stuart would love a wee tent for camping in yosemite!

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