Saturday, March 16, 2013

i love it!

i showed my lamp (as seen in the back of my truck from the previous post) today to my friend schmutzie. i'm like, "isn't it pretty?!" ... and she's, "ummm, NO."

we have very different aesthetics. for example, see these two lamps? schmutzie is on the left, i am on the right.


so, moving right along --- after leaving there, i headed to a shopping center that would have everything i was looking for today (a ball of yarn and a lampshade).

by the way, that lamp above, on the left, she has that lamp in her den.

next, came the game of dressy bessie. notice how my lamp has a harp? i tried on lots of shades, that would all fit on the harp. but, they all seemed wrong. they sat up too high, and had to be a larger size to cover the other parts.

i took the harp off, and then tried smaller shades that would sit lower. BINGO.



the print isn't really as dramatic as pictured above. that's the "BeFunky" app doing its fun effects =)

the color of the flowers is really a pale beige-gray.


and now, my lamp is complete. 

this is what it really looks like ... though, the photo apps are loads of fun!


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