Monday, March 04, 2013

long day

so, i did get off early today as well ... but, i also went in early. i don't know, i kinda prefer the rush of 5 o'clock "rush hour" vs. the leftovers when i'm usually off work.

anyways, i came home and was catching up on life & phone calls until later than i prefer ... and then i remembered i needed too cook some chicken. tonight.


as i'm waiting for my food picture to upload to flickr, here's a pretty shot of my flowers from schmutzie last week. she's probably one of the few/only persons to give me flowers in the last X years. 

i love alstroemeria. they come in so many colors, and i can get a 5 stem bouquet for $4, and they last about 2 weeks ... money well spent.

and schmutzie got them for me =)

okay, back to food. so, i thoroughly enjoyed my lunch today, from my indian style stew. the flavors were amazing!

but tonight, i had to cook some chicken. once it comes out of the oven, and is cool enough to handle, i will portion it out, and likely wrap up 3 ounce portions to freeze.


not the prettiest picture, but still ... i'm enjoying all these photo apps =)

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