Sunday, March 03, 2013

what to do?

sometimes i wonder if i should merge my two blogs. this and the knitting one.

but, i've not researched if they can be merged or if i just start posting non-knitting on my other blog.

i've always wanted to keep them separate, because when i visited crafty blogs, i most enjoyed the ones only about the craft, vs. all of other life's "things".

but "things" have been rather busy lately ... since early summer. and i don't post here as often as i use to.

perhaps i just need to get over it, and remember this is for me, and not for an audience.

today. today is a cold and sunny sunday. my laptop is near a westward window, so i'm sitting here with a sun visor on. yes, it's ridiculous.

i'll wear the visor to keep the sun out of my eyes so i can see my computer, but i won't close the blinds. the sun feels too good. the light is too pretty.

today, i'm cooking something for the week. i had a recipe which had more ingredients than i was willing to spend on, so i found this other recipe, which was way cheaper, and probably tastier.


it's an indian style recipe, with tons of flavor in it ... such as cumin, mustard seed, curry, garlic, coriander, ginger, cayenne, etc. the base of it is red lentils. so, it'll be good to serve with rice, and maybe some shrimp or chicken on top.


i had started out in my smaller crockpot, but once i got everything in, it was simply too full. so i carefully dumped everything into the larger crock (a 5-6 qt i think).

once it's finished, i will add some lemon juice and cilantro. holy crap, it's gonna be G O O D !

while it's cooking, and i'm sitting here on my computer, i'm listening to some music, which for some (more high tech than me) will be a bit "old fashioned".

i'm using my ipod mini from maybe 2005? ... and it's plugged into my old, very old, gateway desktop computer speakers (i saved the speakers, but the computer is long gone).


it's pink. it's old school. but it works.

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