Wednesday, November 16, 2005


yes, that's my title. that's what you post when you almost finished your entry, and the computer shuts itself off!

so, back to my whining ....

my fish are in the dark! i turned their light on today, and it only partially turned on. it's a flourescent tube, a daylight tube.
so, off to petsmart i went. i got a replacement. but, i did not check its rattle factor. and, now, i don't know if it did or did not have a rattle before plugging it in, because when i took that one back, and checked the others on the shelf, all but ONE had a rattle. what to do?

i called marineland (they're the makers of my tank system, which i've only had for a month+). i explained my dilemma. though i was on hold for at least 15 minutes before i got a rep., the rep. took care of my problem. he's sending me a new thingy (the thingy the tube plugs into) plus another flourescent tube! it's coming via fedex. i wish fedex all the luck in the world of figuring out where to leave the box! (ups left my box on the back porch)(ups is smart!)

but, in the meantime, my fishes are in the dark! i just hate it. one of the joys of having fish is being able to see them. whaaaaaa!

pretend there is a picture here, because we all know how i like to post pictures, ... but, this picture is a big black box! yep. that's how my fish look today.

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