Wednesday, November 23, 2005

greetings from the neighborHood

i really do love where i live. it's constantly interesting .... such as, my next door neighbors. their backyard faces the west side of my apt. and, this is the lovely view from my bedroom window ....


almost everyday, when school is let out, the backyard fills with about 5 kids, screaming and playing. it is loud, but i don't mind at all. the mystery is, who lives in this house? the only thing i do know, is there is a perpetual tin can stash in the backyard.

backyard cans

about every two weeks, it sort of disappears. i don't know if the cans are recycled or put in the trash cans. and, i don't know how this household produces sooooo many cans .... many of the larger beer can variety.

something i discovered just in time, is my apt. house is surrounded by pecan trees. the weather has changed, and we've had a couple days of rain, and then some good wind. and then ... the pecan showers! almost every tree on the property is pecan!
i spent some time yesterday afternoon wandering around the yard with a plastic grocery bag, collecting the yummies.


they're delicious! of course, i had to bring them home, as it's a great holiday for pecans, and i don't have a nutcracker.

tomorrow is thanksgiving, and the birthday of a dear friend. he deserves only the best!

cheap wine

happy birthday mark!

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