Wednesday, November 09, 2005

home improvements

i don't know if i should continue to make soups, because i keep messing things up! either i forget to close the freezer door, or my little baggies of soup flop over on the counter and spill everywhere, or, like a dork, i freeze it all and have none defrosted and ready to warm up in a pot for lunch today!

and twice yesterday, i ran into the metal edge of this chair, so i taught it a lesson ....

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paperwhite bulbsi had a successful shopping trip this afternoon ... i got finally got some paperwhites. i'm going to grow them on some polished rocks in my glass vodka bowl (that was a gift, with 4 little shot glasses, and since i don't do vodka shots ....).

and, i finally almost used up my gift card to the mall from last christmas. i must use it before the holiday this year or it will expire. i have about $3 left on the card. last year, i used part of it for some lace socks from the banana store, and some wine glasses from crate & barrel. i went back to crate & barrel today and got this!

isn't she beautiful?


Anonymous said...

i like your wham-o slam-o chair....i'm sure it's learned it's lesson by now but it wasn't the chair's fault if you ran into it......duh!

gray la gran said...

thanks mom!

pinky said...

Yayyayayayay Voosthoff!! Worth the money, to me at least. A poor-quality knife is just plain dangerous, and we need all our fingers for the fast fast knitting!