Sunday, November 27, 2005

oh, the holidays ....

or, should i call them the holidaze ? i really do love this time of year, and get extra angry when something makes it less than perfect. or, if a certain someone makes things suck! it's been almost 2 years now, and i feel like my X is still punishing me for something i did, that had nothing to do with him, before we were a couple. and now we're not a couple, probably because of the passive aggressive punishment?

i just needed to clear the air

so, on the upside, guess who is coming for christmas?!

indian grandma's stocking

yes, the rightfully craziest woman i know! my grandmother ..... she will (in spanish) call you a dirty pig, and make you fresh tortillas, all in the same breath! she believes in gypsies and curses, folklore, and prays her rosary. she sometimes wear her slippers to mass because her feet are so comfy, she forgets to put on the church shoes. once she left her poor beta in the sink after changing the fish's water ... poor sucker hyperventilated in the sink for hours before being rescued! and she has a 20+ year old bird, that she tends to daily, ... each day, cleaning the cage and changing the food and water for fresh. and she's mean too! that's just part of her charm! maybe you're not suppose to say some things about your grandmother, but, this is also a woman that chased me with a stick when i was little. she flies in from arizona on december 10th, but i won't see her until christmas time ... i hope we make some tamales together ....

personal note on the stocking. i decorated it. yes, it's cheap felt and cheap do-dads from michael's .... assembled by me with the trusty gluegun. in my other life, i would never be this kind of crafty.

and, have you ever noticed that the traditional colors of christmas and the mexican flag are the same?


Anonymous said...

I don't know how I stumbled across your blog but I did. I enjoy seeing what experienced knitters can create. Anyway, I hope you don't mind my posting a comment but I just wanted to say that your X is notorious for putting the blame on others and not taking responsibility for his own actions. Enjoy the holidays and don't let anyone spoil what it means to you.

pinky said...

gray, you are my favorite!! I love your Indian Grandma stocking, and think it is entirely appropriate. My grandparents used to chase me too, my mom's mom was especially a pincher. She could PINCH!!

I can't decide which blog I like better; they're both nice representations of the woman who writes them. You should have a third blog dedicated to how much you love your girlfriend. We could call it "Veggie Burger with Bacon."