Monday, November 14, 2005

'tis the season

this looks more like a scene from halloween! but, it is the season for butternut squash. i found yet another recipe online.

butternut squash roastedbutternut squash risotto

let me just say it was delicious! and there are plenty of leftovers!

i picked up a few of the ingredients out at the farmer's market. there was a craft show going on, and i went out there to see a couple of my machine knitting friends. of course, i had to get something, so i bought these great knitted string bags, which i ended up using for the day's shopping.

knitted string shopping bags

fishes friends


ooooh! yes, of course ... look at the fishes! and the trees ....

farmer's market trees farmer's market trees2 farmer's market trees3

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Sandra said...

I found your blog randomly and I really enjoyed reading your entries. Your pictures are really cool too. Keep up the good work. :)