Saturday, November 12, 2005

zero ppm's

0 ppm's

see that color there? that means no ammonia in the fishy tank! it has taken a little more than a month to get the ammonia levels safe. that's very common for a new fish tank set up. though the literature with my tank said to run the system for 24 hrs. before introducing fishes, everything else i read later said to let it run for a month. during this time, there isn't enough good bacteria in the tank to naturally take care of the ammonia. live and learn, and hopefully not kill the cute fish!

2005-10-27 fishes 010

in keeping with the season and upcoming holidays, i started my paperwhites. i still have two more bulbs that need to find a container. i love their fragrance when they bloom!

and, i think this was the last hurrah for my plants. this picture was actually taken yesterday (or the day before ?).
they're in for good now. have you ever seen a succulent freeze? boy, it's nasty.

i couldn't sleep tonight. maybe i went to bed too early (9:30 pm)? i've been up since 2am. i knitted awhile, then, got on the computer. i figure i'll be ready to sleep as soon as the sun comes up and the morning traffic blasts by my windows. i especially love the sounds of big city trucks and the sounds of them shifting gears! (yes, i am joking!)

oh! i found this yummy recipe online. i'm thinking it will be tasty for dinner tonight!

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