Monday, November 28, 2005

home again!

and my fishes were in a cloud of cloudiness! i had tossed in some 'algae wafers' at the recommendation of the idiots at petsmart, though, everything i read online said i didn't need to feed the fishes at all during my absence, and i came home to find a couldy tank. whaaaa!

so, after doing the essentials (ie: getting stuff out of truck, peeing, pouring a glass of wine) ... i changed the water. i only did about a 1/2 change, so, it's still on the semi-couldy side, but, better. i changed the filter too, so maybe it will look even better by tomorrow. i'll test the chemicals tomorrow too.

it was cold in here when i got home, and warm and unseasonably balmy outside, so, my windows were fogged. and, the fishy water was cold. i fed them too, so i hope they're happy i'm home. i also got the spare parts to fix their light. that's what i miss --- seeing them under the light tube.

well, i have a lot of things to unpack ... a cooler full of food, clothes, knitting, and christmas decorations. i can't wait to get things looking like christmas in here :)

i'll post some pictures tomorrow --- and my paperwhites have shot up!

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