Monday, November 21, 2005


how do i create more work for myself? i don't know. but, this is how it starts. awhile back, i crocheted some pot scrubbers. but, they're so big and pretty, i thought i could use them as pot holders too. WRONG. i have a blister on my middle finger to prove it!

so, i thought, i need an oven mitt and potholders. so, off to target i go. they were ugly. why does someone need "pretty" potholders and oven mitts? i don't know why, i just know that i do.

so, now i'm thinking, i have a ton of fabric, i know how to sew, i can make my own! where does that leave me? that leaves me wanting to look at patternbooks for kitchen accessory patterns, and then i need to buy some 100% cotton batt.

my previous post was about the rain. well, it has rained again. and it's a great relief, as we are in stage 2 of water restrictions due to shortage. and it was really nice to sleep to the sound of rain, and wake to the sound of rain, and enjoy a totally gray day. and, best of all, it's still raining.

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