Wednesday, November 30, 2005

i'm ready!

i was absent from my home for about five days when i went to spend thanksgiving with my parents. i turned the heat off (not that we've needed the heat here much lately), watered my plants, and gave my fishes some algae wafers. upon my return, i noticed that my paperwhites had grown about 3 inches! they've seriously shot up, but seem to not grow at all since i've been back.
don't they look nice with the needles? i have a couple more bulbs in little jelly jars up on the window ledge.

i also got my tree up the day after i returned home. this tree is new to me, though it's an evergleam from the 50's. i had another tree before, also aluminum, but a certain X attacked it, and quite damaged it, and i can't bare to look at it anymore. i need to set it up though, and photograph it, so i can sell it on ebay. it's ready for its next life.

so, this year, my mom surprised me with a new tree, and we even found some vintage looking ornaments for to replace the ones that were broken/lost from the attack.

these are awesome! i got these lights from lowe's ... three snowflakes on one strand, and they flicker. they don't just flash off and on, but hey look like little twinkley stars. i like them a lot. i strung these up on the front porch, the balcony that faces the street. i took a little walk around the house this evening, just as twilight was passing, to admire my lights from the street. a passerbyer hollered out from his car that he liked the lights :) my apt. is in a house on a busy street during commuting hours.


and here's one of my favorite possessions ... she lives over my bed.
i love you troll!

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painter girl said...

Look how cute everything in your house is. I love the new tree and your sparkly lights. And the angel, I'm so glad you still have her. Love you too mouse.